AMSGNY Announcements

2016 Winter Meeting

The winter meeting of the AMSGNY will take place on Saturday, February 13th at Columbia University. We are accepting proposals for this meeting through December 29th.
The topic of the meeting is “Music and Women.” We are looking for presentations that examine all aspects of this theme.
If you wish to submit a proposal, please do so by December 29th. E mail a 200-250 word proposal to both and Include in your e mail the following: Your name, your e mail address, your affiliation (if any), your mailing address, and your phone number. Also include a statement as to how your proposal fits the theme. In the subject line of the e mail, place “AMSGNY Winter 2016 proposal.”
This is a good time to renew your membership, which may be done online or by mail.
As part of the meeting, we will be honoring our own Woman of Music--devoted member Isabelle Cazeaux will be turning 90 in February, but she never misses one of our gatherings.

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